Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A2DP Enabler updated. Ads were removed.

If you still use A2DP I've got a good news for you. I just posted an 1.3 update which removes Quattro advertisements. They didn't work anyway, since Quattro were purchased by Apple. This also removes annoying CoreLocation warning and white rectangle at the bottom of the main form.

Regarding future development and USB Drive. I still do not have any time to respond to suport enquiries and have to warn anyone who will try to use that this application that it was development on 2.x.x firmware and probably have issues on modern devices.

If anyone have connection problem to apt.dmytro.me please drop me e-mail, I am keep an eye on the server, but sometimes it fails.


Anonymous said...

a2dp enabler instantly crash at start (iphone2G, firmware 3.1.3, jailbrake via pwnage-tool, cydia not installed) .. any hints? ideas?

Cyber said...

Been using it for years... I think since it appeared for the first time... this app survived over 100 restores, so my deepier respect to you my friend! Just passed by to drop you a note :)

Anonymous said...

How do I find the download? I am new to jailbreaking. I went to jailbreakme.com on my old iphone. It installed Cydia. I am trying to find the ad2p enabler to download while in Cydia, but am lost. Help!

Anonymous said...

Why it doesnt work with an ipod touch 2g?

dmp said...

There is no Bluetooth hardware on iPod Touch 2G