Friday, January 31, 2014

USB Drive 1.3 for the iOS 7 alpha

I just updated USB Drive in the repository for the version 1.3 alpha.

Version 1.3 the only version which expected to work with iOS 7.x.x and it work this this version of iOS only. We also got new icon, ipad interface and great internal redevelopment to resolve old problems.

Sure, we've got new :)

  • Requires iOS 7.0.x. It will not work on previous version of iOS due to API changes. I will need to backport iOS 7 changes to support iOS 6 and earlier. 
  • Drive Only mode doesn't work and disabled. 
  • In many cases only the very first volume is recognized by host system. USB Drive may miss GET_MAX_LUN USB Mass Storage class request in iOS 7.0 which must be handled correctly to support multi volume configuration
  • I recommend to re-create all volumes which were created in USB Drive 1.2. The upgrade path with reasonable defaults exists, but wasn't fully tested.
This is alpha quality release, please expect (and report) bugs. I do not recommend to install this alpha version to anyone who isn't familiar with ssh command line interface.