Thursday, September 10, 2009

USB Drive Updated (beta1)

I have published small update to the USB Drive utility yesterday. There are few cosmetic changes in disk creation routine, progress bar was added and now cancellation of disk creation doesn't leave incompleted disk images on iPhone.

Few answer to the popular questions:

Q: Where disk images are located? I want to remove them manually
A: Check /var/Volumes. You can remove using "rm /var/Volumes/*" command from your favorite ssh client or terminal.

Q: How remove disk image?
A: Swipe on a disk name (slide from left to right) and tap "Delete" button

Q: I have uninstalled USB Drive but disk space was to freed
A: This is by design. You need to remove disk images manually. I will not automatically kill your data.

Q: It doesn't work under with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
A: If you have iTunes installed there is known problem regarding Apple Mobile USB driver.  You can use workaround posted by limneos here.  I am working on a better workaround, but this is the best at this moment.


Alberto said...

Is there any possibility of sharing the USB Drive with the iPhone main memory not to waste it?

Thank u!

Unknown said...

Theorically, setting the image file as a virtual drive with the "mount" unix command. The problem is in the File Systems, because the image is a Fat32 fs and the operative system "IPhone OS 3" dont supply any support to fat, msdos or fat32 file systems.

Does anyone know some tool to mount fat32 fs on Iphone Os?

dmp said...

That is, iPhone doesn't support FAT filesystem, but it supports HPF Plus which Mac os Linux support too. You can try to re-format virtual disks using this filesystem and try to mount it.

Alberto said...

But... what about emulate FAT32 FS?

That is, translate every single internal command to the iPhone FS?

I don't know if there is already something done about it, but should be something out there.

That way, memory could be shared.

dmp said...

Oh yeah, you have point here, this will solve a lot of tasks and will make USB Drive just awesome application. I am thinking about this method for few months, but I am little scared by complexity of such emulation. ReadOnly mode is a piece of cake, but full featured emulation is another story.

Unknown said...

If I format the virtual disk with HFS+ It will work on windows? I ask't because FAT32 is a wide spread standart on USB mass storage drives, And almost all devices work with.
About the mount command for MacOSX, I found what I think is it source code on "www dot opensource dot apple dot com" search there for "msdosfs". I havent compile or code something to this OS, but I think this can work in IPhone OS with a few changes.

TNX 4 this 2l & good luck

agrom said...

я что-то вообще не понял, как это работает. нажал масс сторадж, девайс ребутнулся. добавил виртуальный диск на 1гиг. в системе он не появился. вынул-вставил провод - ноль эффекта.

прошивка 3.1, Тунец 9.0, лео 10.5.8

agrom said...

отбой. система долго искала флешку.

dmp said...

Фух :) Но надо признать, что с 3.1 оно еще не тестировалось.

Unknown said...

Somebody traduce please

Anonymous said...

Hi, i move a mp3 to iphone, all OK, but now how can i move the mp3 to download folder? i want hear these mp3 with dtunes or other mediaplayer


Unknown said...

Good app. But this would be Awesome if you could access the data across the rest of the iphone.

If you can figure out a way to have the usb drive .img mounted as just a read only drive in unix, then this would be great for most people. As currently there is no way to just copy large quantities of data to the iphone. You have to use Apps syncing nonsense. However you can copy photos (and perhaps anything) off the iphone (Camera mode).

Is this project open source?

Anonymous said...

I deleted the usb drive
but it says u have to delete manually
i wonder how to delete manually?