Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A2DP Enabler Released (1.0.1)

I just released a small update to the A2DP Enabler application,  the application which enables A2DP Bluetooth profile on iPhone 2G (also known as original iPhones, iPhone Edge, simply iPhone).

The biggest change is a version number to force Cydia update expired versions around a world.  In fact a released version of A2DP Enabler was available in repository since 1st of December, but looking into my Inbox it seems it wasn't noticed by many users.

If you have updated it to the 1.0 released 1st of December - there is no reason to update it another time.

Released version removes beta expiration only.


Anonymous said...

Great App,Thank's a lot again.
(болшое спасиба)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just tried your app. It works great. but when iPhone is idle (screen turns off) sound dissorts (gap in playing 2 or 3 times in second). Sorry for bad English. I hope this will help.
iPhone 2G 3.1.2
A2DP enabler 1.0.1

Anonymous said...

i purchased the MotoRokr S9 HD bluetooth headset on black friday for $50.00 to only come home and realize that it was not compatible with my phone. YOU'RE THE BEST!

phuoc said...

You the man
Fu$ Apple

Anonymous said...

is free? omg tnx so much, +10

Sid said...

This is fantastic. I just installed it, but am yet to try it out with my Motorola S9 headset which is at home.

Cant wait to check it out!

great stuff sir!

Dont you accept any donations? I would love to show my appreciation for this awesome work.


Damian said...

Hi, great app!!!
I use a HDB-980 whith an Iphone 2G.
Found that music stream cuts every now and then (once o twice per minute, at times more often). I don't believe its related to the distance nor interference nor signal power. It's not regular, it's only a short pause (less than a sec). I never noticed this while using the phone, only when playing music.

R9 said...

Perfect app!thank you very very much!you are great!

Anonymous said...

Perfect app!thank you very very much!you are great!

Prox said...

please peer-to-peer 2G (bluetooth)
THANKs for a2dp enabler (great) and USB Drive (Awesome!). Thank you! Youa are the best!

Allen750 said...

Thank you, excellent app!

Martens said...

Great App,Thank's a lot.
Hope to add the AVCP function

Benz said...

Hey. Nice work. Works great with the Nokia MD-5W bluetooth speakers. Amazing sound quality. Makes you wonder why Apple did not enable A2DP in the first place.

iPhone 2G 3.1.2

Anonymous said...

If you were here I would give you a HUG... This app made my day, and my week. Got a Motorola HT820 for my Behold... Behold died (long story). So I got a iPhone 2g on ebay. Best buy ever, though was disappointed could not use my HT820 anymore or any A2DP headphones for that matter. But I never gave up on Software Engineers (like Dmytro) I knew one day "they" would find the way, and that day is today (for me @ least).

Well thank you very much, again.
And with this an Happy Holidays to you.


Anonymous said...

Sorry caught in the moment.

Headphones: Motorola HT820

Iphone: First Generation (2g) Jailbroken and Unlocked

Firmware: 3.1.2

Note: Everything works except songs FF FW.

Again thank you for your work.


Anonymous said...

After using "A2DP Enabler" for a day, I noticed that sometimes the Bluetooth get in the way of the WiFi. It only happen when I am listening to a web radio with my HT820 on, I use the WiFi of the iPhone to stream the music, and sometimes it gets locked, the WiFi symbol disappear and the "E" from the Edge network appears asking me to re-joint my WiFi network. When I turn the Bluetooth off and listen to the same web radio it does not occurred.

Otherwise works like a charm.

Thank you.


Brian said...

Awesome work. Thank you so much. I've been wanting this feature ever since it came out for the 3G.

Anonymous said...

I could not find your repository under cydia repositories section.Pls guide me..I am a noob

Anonymous said...

Works great on my Sony DR-BT100CX headset. You da man!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Work Dmytro,
the only thing i missed on my Iphone 2G was the A2DP and now you fixed it. Works great with Philips SHB6100.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I would love to download this, but where is the link? I can't locate one anywhere on these pages. Thank you.

Ammo Reel O Man said...

Great app, I wish I would have found your app a week ago. I just bought one of those plug in adapter for my phone. Its safe to say I won't need it now. Thanks a million you rock

Dblboinger said...

Can someone tell me how to get this on my iPhone 2g? I'm not a hacker (yet) and I keep running into dead ends.

Anonymous said...

-go to Cydia
-Select Manage tab (bottom)
-Select "Sources"
-Edit (@ top right)
-Add (@ top left)
-then type:
-Hit "Add Source" button
-Let Cydia reboot
-Search for A2DP in Cydia and install.
Et voila, just turn it on.

That is it. Hope this helps.

Primit said...

In india where i live there is no wi-fi or edge connection available so cannot connect to cydia. please send me applicaiton which can be installed through itunes or by any other source. my email is (A2DP for 2G)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for app!!! Dear, Dmytro! Please, tell me - Can I install "A2DP Enabler" on Iphone 2G (2.2.1) or only Iphone 2G (3.0 and higher)??? Thank you!

bmelendy said...

My hat is off to you sir!

Anonymous said...

hey great app man. Really useful glad someone finally made it.

Anonymous said...

... Streams Stereo to parrot mki9000. Has Somerset pairing failures after phoneCalls - eg The bluetotth Connection needs to be resetted. FF and FW don't work via bluetooth, no possibility to navigate through iPod Library. Besides ot dies what's it's supposed to be! It streams Stereo in à acceptable quality! Thank youvery much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been looking for something like this for the longest time! Great work my friend!

Drago said...

Thanks for giving us 2G iPhone owners the chance to use A2DP... Really awesome! Just want to know from the users that is there any issue of audio getting skipped sometimes while playing music?

Damian said...

Great App but same issue that Drago. Is it an issue from de App or it depends on the Iphone configuration?

Olga said...

Дмитрий, Спасибо огромное за прогу.
В первой версии не было заиканий музыки.
В последнем релизе имеет место быть. :-(
С нетерпением ждем подлеченную версию

Jeff said...

If you can Play and Pause over Bluetooth with this app, but also want to skip tracks and seek (AVRCP), I have a $0.99 app on the App Store called Bluetooth Helper that lets you do that as well. It works in the background (assuming you have Backgrounder installed), and with the screen locked.

Anonymous said...

Headphones: Viper RS-V121 motorcycle helmet

Iphone: First Generation (2g) Jailbroken and Unlocked

Firmware: 3.1.2

added your source to cydia, installed - enabled, rebooted - boom !
worked instantly, life saver ! thanks so much !