Thursday, September 24, 2009

USB Drive Updated (beta2)

If you have USB Drive installed and active you need to disconnect USB Cable during upgrade process.

- Compatibility problem with iTunes on Windows  platform was resolved by adding new "Drive Only" mode.
- Drives can now be properly ejected on Mac OS X
- USB Drive now backups system configuration files and restores them on uninstall
- beta expiration period extended to 1 Nov 2009
- Minor bug fixes


Eduardo Barría Sáez said...


how can I remove the partition that I created?


Eduardo Avila said...

this software drain my battery. Any problem o is normal

memphis86 said...

hey doesnt work for me, after installing beta 2 neither my pc or mac recognize my iphone 2G,need help cant sync and cant use it as a drive, anything

dmp said...

memphis86, contact me using e-mail to resolve the problems, please describe your USB Mode, what disk(s) you have created FW version and anything you think is important.

Unknown said...

is there any possible way, how to use filesystem mount point as USB Mass Storage? I would like to see /private/var/mobile/ in usb drive, or /private/var/ for advanced usage.

Thanks for reply

StoneCut said...

I love this app. Many thanks for sharing it with us !

Anonymous said...

I created the partition and I can browse, create/modify/delete files without problem (on Windows).
But now the app crash when I try to open it and I can't remove the partition (I used drive only mode).

Info: iPodTouch 1G, fw 2.2.1, partition size: 1GB

Help please
Andrea (crockard)

Anonymous said...

mmm... if I remove the USB drive application? I suppose that the disk partition will remain ... right?

Sebastian said...

Will it be possible in future to not have to switch between modes on windows computer w/ iTunes ?`

However thx for the app!

Unknown said...

Works great on windows 7 for me. Two features: a read-only mode for using it on virus filled computers and not needing a reboot. Thanks a lot for a much needed feature

Anonymous said...

Is it planned to view/play the data also from the iPhone?
Or should it be only a USB-Stick-feature?
Thank you!

Unknown said...

I've create a partition but I can't see it because springboard has closed before the operation is finished. So I've created a new volume2. I see that the volume1.img and Volume2.img is present with Cyberduck but I can't see Volume1 with "USB drive".
I can see only Volume2.
Can you help me?

Miquel said...

I agree with the question of Anonymous.

"Is it planned to view / play the data also from the iPhone?"

Sebastian said...

I dont belive that is planned b/c the files are written in .IMG files. So you would have to write an extra application that can look into those. It's much safer to use .IMG files than to use the hard disks via iPhone Directorys.

Anonymous said...

how can i uninstall the partition from my iphone ???



Brandon said...

For some reason, only the first disk image I created will mount. They both show up in USB Drive on the iPhone, but selecting a different image doesn't seem to help. How do you switch between disks to mount?

I'm on an iPhone 3G running OS 3.1, accessing the device in Drive Only mode from Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated.

So far, this app looks to be THE reason to jailbreak an iPhone. Great job!

Unknown said...

is there a way to change the size of the partition and also how to delete the partion on iphone?

dmp said...

Wow, how many comments for one day :)

First of all a quote from FAQ:
To remove virtual disk swipe (slide from left to right) to delete virtual disk. You cannot resize a disk once it created.

"Exporting" directory as a virtual disk. There is a great demand for this feature and I am going to implement it. The first version will be read only mode export (iPhone can read and write, desktop can only read), later there is a chance for read/write version. This is a piece of work, so I don't promise it "this week" :)

Issues with iPod with 2.2.1 firmware. Please contact me directly using e-mail from the main page, will work with you to restore and understand what's happened.

There is a new issue with 3.1 and 3.1.1 firmwares that only one disk (first) exported. This bug is confirmed.

About reboots. I hate them, but currently I do not know a way how to reconfigure Apple's USB drive on fly.

Unknown said...

hi there,
No Doubt you had so many posts today, indeed you have created a amazing app and i am very sure you would keep the good work going to add a lot more amazing features to this app. thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

When I was creating a Virtual Disk under "Default" mode my phone just shut down, I had to hold down the Home and Power button to get it to turn on. Before I tried to create the disk I had 27GBs and now the program says I have 24. If i try to create the drive again with the same name it says it already exists but I can't see it. I'm running iphone 3Gs 3.1. Am I going to have to restore my phone? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To remove virtual disk swipe (slide from left to right)? Where can I do this to slide from left to right to delete the partition? Please provide the simple instruction. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Since this app. will expire in Nov. 1,2009, how we can continue using it? Buy it?

Unknown said...

I like this app. It was awesome! it works properly with my iphone 3gs 3.1 the only i thing i would like to ask is can I browse the file that i save in the virtual files from my iphone such as "ifile" app.

gabrielco15 said...

excellent app thank you

Anonymous said...

I am currently using USB Drive Beta2 version. How I can I remove the partition that I created for USB storage device. Please provide a simple instruction. Thank you.

Sebastian said...

Is it really that hard? u take ur finger hold it on the left of the partition name field and move it to the right so there will be a delete button.

Mowd said...

Thanks for your hard work.
Maybe you can write a simple program to disable Apple iTunes USB Driver in order to use driver+iTunes options.
So we don't need to reboot when changes the option between driver and iTunes.

QuasaR said...

iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G.
Both firmware 3.0 (7A341) both running beta2.
Both phones crash when creating a new virtual disk.

QuasaR said...

Ok, after removing the program and installing it from your repository on my 3G it lets me create the partition :)
Seems like the version on doesn't work properly.

Unknown said...

only one drive showed up on my desktop I think u aware of that 3gs 3.1
but great app good work

GhostKU said...

Guys, What speed it can work?
I can reach only 600KB/s

c said...

i am also getting around 600 KB/s on my iPhone 3G. i guess thats just the write speed of the iPhone

Mowd said...

Using FastCopy I can reach avg. 1.2MB/s on my iPod Touch 2G.

Mowd said...

I saw an update of USB Drive 1.0beta2-1. Don't know what's different.

Anonymous said...


It's seems nice app
Do you planing to make it free?

Anonymous said...

i uninstalled the beta 2 app and rebooted but now the computer won't read my iphone. it is not the computer as it reads another iphone, just not this one. connected to another computer and same problem, won't even charge when connected to computer. using 3g with 3.0. Please Help!!

dmp said...

Re-install USB Drive and switch it to the "Default" mode before uninstallation.

Anonymous said...

i uninstalled the beta 2 app and rebooted ...
Tried that also, but every time i reboot it defaults to drive only mode, wont change modes. now i cannot use it with itunes???

It was not changing modes that is why I had un-installed it originally.

please help, thx in advance, 3g on 3.0

Anonymous said...

Good app!
I tested it on:
Mac OS X 10.5.8, iTunes 9.0.1, iPod touch 2G 3.1.1(7C145) - works great, but a little slowly.
In MacOSX, I synchronized with iTunes and copied files on virtual drive by the same time. It works perfect!
I plugged my iPod to DVD player as USB drive and it's works:

Остается надеятся, что апликаха будет бесплатной хотябы для русскоязычных пользователей.

dmp said...

To Anonymous:

Please re-install USB Drive make sure you

1. Install it from Cydia not from ICY or other installation manager.

2. Install version 1.0beta2-1

If problem persist, contact me using e-mail.

vit55555 said...

Хочу просто сказать спасибо автору и засвидетельствовать свое восхищение этой замечательной, своевременной и удобной программой !

Anonymous said...

Hi, i move a mp3 to iphone, all OK, but now how can i move the mp3 to download folder? i want hear these mp3 with dtunes or other mediaplayer


tRaCk3r said...

Request feature: make USB flash drive bootable please, I'd much! if it does, I will be installing Debian as the first operating system! my sistem with me forever :)

sorry for my bad English

Anonymous said...

after installation from usb driver doesnt work. icon of installed app has appeared but nothing hapens when trying to start.
iphone 2G 8GB, v.3.0.1, jbreak

jorgeag2000 said...

Its seem a great Aplication
But i have a problem
Im trying to use default mode
I have 3.0 FW
Iphone 3G
When i try to create a disk its says me i have 2.81Gb i tried to create a disk of size 30MB, 50Mb 512Mb, 1Gb, and it say me always the same
There was an error creating new virtual disk.Please Check if your device has enough free space"
I checked with itunes the free space and says i have the 2.82 GB and my Cydia partition has 63Mb free yet.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

Kanav said...

Hey, gr8 work dude.. Have been waiting for such kind of an application for long.. But i got 1 problem, the transfer rate i am getting on windows 7 is maximum to maximum 650 kbps.. Should it be this much only or should it be more?

Rudi said...

great app well done !

to remove the partition, just swipe and reboot.

this frees up the space on itunes allocated to 'other'

Anonymous said...

What kind of disk image does this app use?

TL said...

after installing USB drive, when i plug in my iphone 3GS and open iphoto to transfer photos, my iphone is not recognized. Is this a common problem? If so, is there a work around to it?

dmp said...

USB Drive replaces Picture Transfer with USB MAss Storage Protocol. If you want to transfer pictures you need to switch to the "Default" mode.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to reach the files in the image later inside the phone.
With ap like iFile?

Nice way to move thigs to phone fast.
Like music.

Mike Crandall said...

Dmytro - USB drive beta expires in two days. What's next? I do not want to lose this on my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

What should i do on Monday ??
This nice piece of Software is going to expire on Monday

aa said...

I stupidly, accidently uninstalled USB Drive. Now my phone will sync with iTunes but it won't charge at all. I've wiped it and done a fresh install of non-jailbrokenm firmware but it's still not charging. Help! Is there anything I can do? Can I SSH into my phone and replace any files that may have been deleted accidently which are preventing my phone from charging?

saul said...


Same thing happened to me. I un-installed usb drive without putting it back on default. I re-installed usb drive and changed back to default. Then I uninstalled usb drive through cydia.

On one pc it was only being recognized as a usb mass storage still, to fix that I installed iTunes and it now charges.

I just did the same thing on another pc that did the exact same thing. no iTunes = no charge and device manager shows usb mass storage. after installing iTunes now charges again and device manager shows Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

Hope that helps you aa.

Mike Crandall said...

As of today, 2/12/10, my USB Drive is back to read-only...

Anonymous said...

how do i uninstall this software?

Anonymous said...

Hi i neeed a help i accidentaly removed partition in iFile and i have lost 1,7GB of memory can you help please my e-mail is