Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to install applications from my repository

If you decided to try one of my applications (USB Drive for iPhone for now) you need to add my repository to the Cydia. There is a good chance that someday I decide to drop it and use one of community  repository like modmyi, but for now I use my own.

To add custom repository to the Cydia please do the following:

1. Launch Cydia
2. Tap on the Manage button on the bottom tab bar
3. Tap on the Source button 

4. Tap Edit button
5. Tap Add button

6. Use as repository address
7. Tap Add Source button

Now if you tap on my repository you will get all available applications, hope you find some of them useful :)


Anonymous said...


i tried to add your repository but i get the message that the repository can not be found.
Can you maybe post the right one.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Yeah i think it is dead idk how people r getting it...

Anonymous said...

Yup, same here, been trying all day and its still down, I hope there's a workaround tho since im sure many people would find it extremely useful